The Horror At Park Slope

Part IV

Dateline: Oct. 2nd, 1923

The group made final arrangements and boarded the S.S. Trinity bound for the port of Callao, Peru.

After presenting their papers, the ship debarked. Schwarze and Abelman took the first part of the voyage to thoroughly irritate the casino bartender by reminding him of his relative poverty and wartime experiences. Wells later plied the same bartender with a dollar to keep his eyes peeled for Canadians.

Strolling the promenade, Harrington spotted a familiar white linen suit, which vanished in the crowd. Mars poked around the cargo hold a bit, but found nothing amiss.

Later, at dinner in first class, Abelman and Schwarze chose to share a table with Cornelius Becker, a truculent Texas oilman, and his wife Ora. Mars (under the false identity of David Copperfield, stage actor) dined with an ebullient Argentinian, Marcos Ratner, and his wife Angelina. Harrington sat with three young sisters Maryanne, Maxine and Josephine (absent their seasick chaperone Mrs. Dorsett) who eventually got wasted on Manhattans (creepily?) proffered by Harrington/Scwharze. Harrington asked the girls to keep an eye out for any white linen suits they might see. Wells stayed aloof but overheard a couple of francophones skulking on A-Deck near Harrington’s room, investigated and reported back.

After dinner, the Trito Room hosted a performance by the beautiful and reasonably talented Consuela Amor. After learning from the bartender that there were, indeed, some French-Canadians staying on B-Deck (and convincing him he was a plainclothes g-man on their trail), Wells holed up in his room to wait for trouble. Harrington played a round of blackjack, won $5, and retired to his suite, the door of which he found to be curiously unlocked.

Schwarze and Abelman decided to investigate the second-class bar. The bartender attempted to slip Schwarze a mickey and then huddled with three of LeCloche’s men. After recognizing the gangsters, Schwarze and Abelman beat a hasty retreat.

The Canadians followed and opened fire. In the resulting gunfight, Abelman, Scwharze and two of the gangsters were wounded. One was apparently killed. Abelman followed the final Quebecois back to suite B-16. He kicked the door in, disarmed two men inside and held them at gunpoint.

Ship’s security arrived shortly thereafter and demanded that Abelman drop his weapon and lie down on the floor…



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