The Horror At Park Slope

Part VII

Dateline Oct. 6th-8th, 1923

After suffering their fair share of trouble aboard the Trinity, the group mostly decided to lay low and wait for trouble to come to them. Abelman requested needle and thread and began to sew a false pocket into his coat, where the tablet could be hidden.

Over breakfast Wells met with Nightengale and got a update on the strange man known as “Felipe.” Together the group decided they would try to lure Felipe out of his room. The plan: to stage a public fight between Harrington and Mars and suggest a falling out within the group. Later, Nightengale would approach Felipe and suggest a meeting with the seemingly disaffected Harrington. While Felipe was gone the others would ransack his room.

The first part of the plan went off without a hitch: the public fight between Harrington and Mars was convincing indeed (especially to Mar’s poor face.)

The second part, not as much. When Nightengale returned to Felipe’s room, he was startled to find the man hacked to death—his entrails pulled out of the gaping wound in his stomach. In the room he also found a passport (under the name Arturo Delrio), two suits, a bottle of cologne and three telegrams written in Spanish.

Later, Schwarze found a slightly addled Nightengale wandering the halls of the ship. Nightengale passed the telegrams along to Schwarze. Using his knowledge of Latin, Harrington was able to decipher one of the messages. Apparently orders to Felipe from “Canditta.” A beleaguered porter named Jorge was summoned to translate the other two. They indicated that the Canadian gangsters were lead by a man named Jean Murphy and that Canditta’s men were working against them in their search for a particular item.

The next day, Schwarze took shooting practice above decks. Nightengale had a run-in with a truculent Latin goon (one of Felipe’s men). And Mars petitioned Marcos Ratner to use his connection to Captain Ellerby to find out if anyone named “Jean Murphy” was aboard the ship.

Later on, at the gaming tables Ratner did confirm that Jean Murphy was aboard and staying in room B-16. And Nightengale was questioned by the Latin goons over Felipe’s death. Ultimately it seemed that they believed the Canadians were responsible.

The group sent Nightengale to stake out Jean Murphy’s cabin and get a description of the man. Nightengale saw him enter the cabin: short, curly gray hair, a mean mug. Immediately thereafter he saw three Indians attempt to open Murphy’s door and then sneak away. He followed them back to the cargo hold to a makeshift hideout amongst the crates.

On the morning of the 8th the S.S. Trinity made port at Callao. On the dock, the group was greeted by the NYIAAH’s man in Peru: Enrique Garcia (and his Belgian shepherd). The group boarded the train to Lima, from whence they would depart to the dig site.

On the train ride, Garcia mentioned several strange occurrences at the Temple of the Moon, including a man named Fernando, who had gone completely insane…



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