The Horror At Park Slope

Part II

Dateline: September 24-25, 1923

Upon the startling discovery that the same wiseguys from earlier were staking out the Waldorf, Everett W. Harrington rented another room under the moniker “Bruce Willis” and returned to Franz Schwarze’s suite on the 11th floor. Schwarze and Harrington summoned the rest of the gang to help protect Charles Danvers (and the tablet). Kenneth Wells and Horace Mars arrived separately, both having brief run-ins with two different goons around the hotel. A plan was hatched to move to the 19th floor for safety’s sake. After avoiding someone in the stairwell a gunshot was heard.

After receiving his wife’s blessing, Moishe Abelman arrived at the hotel just in time to see wounded gangster flee through the lobby. Right behind him came the Latin man brandishing a gun. Though Abelman attempted a citizen’s arrest of the gunman, both fled into the night before the police could stop them. Reunited (and a little spooked), the group spent the rest of the night uneventfully.

The group ultimately decided they needed to contact The New York Institute For Archaeology And Ancient History for more information about the tablet. Harrington, Schwarze and Danvers headed uptown to the institute. Wells, Mars and Abelman went downtown to obtain a gun.

While meeting with the Institute’s director Allistair McLaughlin, Harrington attempted to broach the topic of the tablet by way of a fictional client’s “dream states.” However, he accidentally touched a nerve with McLaughlin who misinterpreted this as some form of extortion. McLaughlin confirmed that the object was stolen from a dig site in Peru (troubled by more than just thefts, the site has experienced disappearances and bizarre unexplained phenomena.) McLaughlin seems to want the object returned to the Institute but wishes to keep its theft (and subsequent smuggling into the United States) a secret as both of those facts could have troubling implications for the Institute’s continued ability to work in Peru. Somewhat desperate, he promised a generous reward if Harrington could help with his situation. The two made plans to meet again the following day.

In the meantime, however, Wells plans to stake out the the Institute and follow McLaughlin home to learn more. Harrington is eager to check on his townhouse, the location of which is at least known to the French-Canadian thugs. Danvers wants nothing more than to take a bus home to Indiana where he can lay low at his parents’ home and hopefully not get murdered…



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